The Factory

They come in all shapes and sizes. They are healthcare customers. The conveyor belt works relentlessly, and takes them to caring providers eagerly waiting for them. What is on the menu? healing, understanding, human touch, reassurance, medical advice.

All of that in a time efficient manner, in accordance with the sacred laws of productivity.

It’s a miracle how top notch care and productivity are reconciled… or maybe not so much of a miracle since the guys with the suits have figured it all out.

The Conveyor Belt' 2

Discipline is key. Drag that painfully awaken body of yours to the bathroom in the morning, look in the mirror and say to yourself “I can do this, I am going to exude compassion, satisfy my customers, and meet my numbers”. If you feel burned out, you are weak perhaps, and not fit for the race. Or maybe you are too compassionate, too invested in the patients, too connected to them.

The conveyor belt continues to run. You have a headache, your compassion tank is drained, your cheeks hurt from smiling, your mouth is dry from talking, your bladder cries out to you. You don’t smile anymore. You look at the clock.

You are now home. A gentle toddler’s hand grabs your pants. She is excited. You smile back with what is left in you.

The kids are in bed and you are now by yourself. You open your laptop and start charting. You write about all the wonderful services you provided to your customers that day. Your eyes now feel heavy, and they burn. You are halfway through the customer list but you can’t go on anymore. What’s left is going to be for another day, another day at the factory.


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